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Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography, written by Walter Isaacson, who has been the CEO of CNN, features the world of Steve Jobs, his lifestyle which is too closely linked to his profession to be separated from it. The author who was appointed in 2003 to write Mr. Jobs' biography soon after Steve's cancer diagnosis proved to be positive, was delegated as the authorized biographer for the book in 2009 after a series of controversial discussions and decisions. Having written biographies on the lives of renowned public figures such as Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, the author efficiently empties out in front of the whole world all the major controversies that somehow set apple's product life cycle in a favorable motion.

The book is written with an intention to spill away the traces of black that persisted throughout Steve's life. The author evidently puts forth the Apple man's intensified ways of imparting diligence within his employees, revealing the dusty interfaces of the roughneck leader who would often become a victim to his own turbulent instincts and end up bellowing at his team or use similar incongruous ways, thus driving his employees to a stressful state of displeasure unconsciously. On the contrary, the book also reveals the means that Steve used in order to shatter the barriers both professional and psychic, and places before its readers the toil and tedium that he had endured in order to build the brand to the extent of exceeding the consumers' as well as the stakeholders' expectations.

Although the book features several empty judgments and perceptions of various critics and journalists, who had nothing but misguided urges to release, it dwells upon the brilliance of the man of hi-tech consumer products, who in spite of all the surface disturbances managed to lift the brand's image to the apex, while triggering innovation in technology worldwide.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is certainly a cult-inspiring book that works as a magnet for attracting many aspiring entrepreneurs in the technological sector. Walter clearly puts forth Steve Jobs' business strategies that are considered as essential by marketers across the globe, while providing an overview of Apple's product life cycle. Not considering the fan-following aspect of Steve Jobs, this book is most likely to be adored by marketers as it contains deep marketing facts and principles that supported Steve in successfully running the business parallel to his vision.

The book also revolves around certain controversial subjects such as Steve's rivalry with Bill Gates, his mean streak that helped the company grow rapidly, and the turbulent phases in his childhood that made him a villain of a leader for his employees. However, the questions raised by these bones of contention remain unanswered, thus leaving the dirty job of judgment for the readers to do, if they wish to spend their time analyzing or rather brooding over someone else's past of course.

In short, the book places before us a summary on the life of Steve Jobs and his contribution in making Apple what it is today. However, the author seems to have been immersed in the subject so much that his writing might make you feel that the biography has somehow taken form of a How to become a Steve Jobs book.

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