Author : Lee Child ISBN : 044024630X Publisher : Dell

Lee Child, a former television director, is the author who composed the Jack Reacher thriller series, of which The Enemy won the Nero and the Barry awards for best novel. After the #1 New York Times bestsellers One Shot, Bad Luck and Trouble, and The Hard Way, Lee Child presents The Affair: A Reacher Novel, the thirteenth amongst the Reacher series, the well renowned, evolved concept of modern thrillers.

1997 - Carter Crossing, Mississippi: The elite military cop Jack Reacher is called upon a crime scene to investigate the death of a young woman at a lonesome railroad track. Evidences clearly point to a nearby military base that unofficially deploys Special Forces to Kosovo, where the suspect soldier is believed to have powerful connections in Washington. Reacher is requested to stay undercover and lead the local police to decipher the mystery of the victim's death; however, as he gets to Carter Crossing, he finds himself drifting along an out-of-control investigation, unaware of where the situation is headed.

He meets a local sheriff named Elizabeth Deveraux, whose vision is directed towards justice, driven by instincts that stimulate digging into secrets. A malformed trust gives rise to some heaviness in the air, which makes them join forces with reluctance and uncertainty. Reacher has his blinkers on all the time, working with determination to crack the case, hereas the others are hell bent on cloaking the truth forever. In the midst of a conspiracy that has its way with Reacher's faith, he has his eyes wide open, with his intuitions smelling of fish while his mind is busy analyzing fear.

Here's another one from Child that keeps you on the edge, leaning forward, only to look down and witness a cluster of claiming whirlpools. The Affair is not only meant for the fans of the Reacher series, but also those who come looking for spinal chills. To declare that Child's narration is fast-paced is a clear understatement. The story takes us back to his career in army, where he encounters the usual micro-nemesis of military bureaucracy take form of stressful constraints that convince him to drop out. The readers' expectations are convincingly met, as the complicated yet smooth-flowing plot tickles the left part of the brain.

The characters are more of perspectives; the sheriff is supposedly the most interesting female character that Child has designed. Child seems to be exploring a highly creative dimension, for this one puts forth myriad perspectives, essentially bringing into light a human mind's tendency to presume, expect, desire, mal-analyze, and distinguish which often results in unfavorable situations. However, it's the same mind that overcomes its own fallacies and somehow manages to reach the end of its mirror and hop out of the dubious reflections that are formed as a result of independent functioning. Feel the heat chain your imagination as you experience perpetual excitement, lost and unfound expectations, thought-clotting action, adrenaline, and of course the never-withstanding human mis-principles.

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