Author : Jan-Philipp Sendker ISBN : 1590514637 Publisher : Other Press

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats is a story that radiates the boldness and brutality of love. Julia's father has left home, and could not be found. Her father is a lawyer who has strong hold , from New York, her mother is as perplexed by the incident as she is. As they ponder over the mysterious exit of the most important person in their lives, they are bothered by all sorts of assumptions, raising disbeliefs. Julia and her mother find a love letter that her father had wrote many years ago, the letter was written to a woman in Burma. They had never heard of any such person and their confusion only fuels the intension.

Julia driven by her desire to know more about her father, sets off to Burma. She is determined to find the truth behind her father's disappearance, and she looks for the village the woman belonged to. She encounters the most revealing moment of her life, as she discovers the multitude of power in faith and courage in the hearts of people is a reality, and that everyone has access to it. The agglomeration of the various puzzles that arose from the doubts get latched to each other to reveal the true face of perseverance and unshakable trust in oneself to overcome all the hardships.

The common misunderstanding of emotional viability to be a brutal arm wrestle of heart and mind, instead, it is the collinear transmission of impulses both ways that maintains the balance. The arbitrary and random calculations that a viled mind auto-performs, corrupts itself, and ties it to the rock of self-pity, disparaging its own importance. The author tells a tale that is harrowing and disheartening yet always pinned to transcendental hope. The clawing of the inner demons, who twist and turn in the shadows of our being can be relegated from our consciousness, with the power of will. The animosity of a daughter for her father who left her and her mother without a sign is depicted by exuberant hate that is drenched in indifference.

The betrayal of Julia by her own beliefs is a brilliant portrayal of humans to conspire the outcomes through assumptions, and how the gravity of negative emotions can suck you inside the grudge and hate that is undeserving to existence. The vulgar and the brutal onslaught of the feelings ascending from the underworld by love is the truth of Armageddon that began unwinding with the winding of the creation itself. The flexing of the power of the human will to trust and believe upholds the beauty in the force that provides the universe with sustenance. The blueprint for understanding divinity in our being is to discover our infinite ability to love, with empathy and compassion.

The heart-wrenching story that incorporates resilience and immovable trust in each other, emanates the strength and determination of divided souls, who have their attention forever fixed at the union, and dismembering of differences. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats inculcates a lot of uplifting attributes of a human form and how it is to be used for the building the paradise on earth, the promised land that is free from the inability of human understanding to deceive itself.

Nhut Pham

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