Author : David Wolman ISBN : 0306818833 Publisher : Da Capo Press

The growth of money as a commodity has been unparalleled and it has reached new heights. But the book, The End of Money brings to you, a perspective that is foreign, and approaches the readers as an announcement on the impending change in the course of the world. The perception of money in its physical form has been around for a huge amount of time. The book dwells on the different important considerations that are still keeping the physical money still in circulation. The author tries to explore the different possibilities of a cashless society, and the effects of the present of the monetary affairs on the lives of the underprivileged is also studied.

David Wolman is a man who has ventured heavily into conceptualizing of life without cash, he spent a year without any money in the physical form, and has some worthwhile experiences to share with the world. The trysts of the author with the different revolutionaries who are exercising the benefits of cash-free transactions. The author also meets the mogul of counterfeiting currency, and discusses the future of the monetary system with him. He also meets anti-counterfeiting officials, and learns about the methods they use to curb the activities of the offenders. The dependence of the masses on cash has been the prime reason for its survival, and its dissolution for a new system to come to life is voraciously debated on.

The author travels to various locations of the world for his research, places that are significantly involved in the cycle of the monetary system, and some uncanny locations that have a group of people, who have an unusual set of beliefs that are as weird as they are astounding. The book tries to gather varying perspectives on the same subject, trying to pave a way for the understanding of this particular unquestioned aspect of life. The different scenarios that the author discusses create a broad pathway to probe into the information, and help to develop an understanding.

Most of the people in the world believe and follow, without questioning the way things have been run, and blindly accept and live committed to notions. The conditioning of the human mind can drive it to the extremes of numbing his own intelligence, even though while living an apparently fulfilling life. The adolescent concepts in the minds of people pertaining to money is due to the lack of self-education that arises out of curiosity about the environment. But, in today's age where all information is spoon-fed to the masses at a drastic rate, a window to the mirage of innumerable incidents. The End of Money aims to awaken your inner perception that makes you utilize the thinking faculty for the right purposes of amassing valuable information that concern our lives.

The various experiences of the writer act as a prying tool that stretch the boundaries of knowledge of the readers, and introduces them to new ways of looking at things, having a profound intellectual reasoning. The book is relevant to now as well as the time to come, as it tells us how the ways of the old institutions are crumbling to give way to new all-encompassing points of view that guides humanity to its future.

Nhut Pham

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