Author : John Green ISBN : 0525478817 Publisher : Dutton Juvenile

Struck by cancer, Hazel is 16 and has joined a support group that helps individuals deal with their conditions. And a medical marvel has gifted Hazel few more years to live and experience, but she is used to live in a recurring mental condition of grief and misery. Hazel meets Augustus, a fellow kid within the support group who is very similar to Hazel in nature. They find comfort in each other's kinship and they have a camaraderie that has Hazel's terminal condition suspended in her head. And they fall in love as they brace the insecurities of life and death. And how life divides the truth and lies can be seen through the struggle of Hazel as she tries to have a comfortable life living in the shadows of her death.

And this tale depicts the crowning jewel of human spirit that embellishes our existence, and you can feel connected to the love and pain, as the layers of consequences unfold in front of our eyes. John Green's The Fault in Our Stars is a book that will open our eyes to a dimension that cannot be seen but felt.

We live in a society where kids are raised indifferent to death, and death is a natural phenomenon that completes life. Life is incomplete without death, and one has to be in tune with the passing phases of nature as the season changes, and as trees blossom and as trees dry, there is a constant in every experience, but our senses can only witness change. And our happiness always seems to be drifting away into a future experience, but underneath all the lies in form of the dust that the spinning motion of our unfolding beliefs lies our true form, and it is a painful journey through all the buffers on our way to our destiny. When life seems to be a joke we are being commanded for regarding our ways of life in order to be in tune with nature, and if we deny the command then all we have is a life of contempt that will radiate different colors of mismanaged emotions spiraling out of control. And if we choose to dedicate ourselves to the cause of uplifting our self and our eyes fixed at our true nature then we will bask in the glory of the Spirit that supports our life and our death, and cuts us through a path far away from all our disbeliefs and bondages.

The Fault in Our Stars is music from the yearning heart that seems to befit the circumstances and form an understanding of reality. In Hazel we see a young and terminally ill cancer-patient waiting for her chance to freedom to arrive amidst a restless life that is chased by death but executed through breath.

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