Author : David Abulafia ISBN : 0195323343 Publisher : Oxford University Press

The strategic location of the Mediterranean sea has been the major point behind the flourish of human civilization across its reach. The author, David Abulafia had been involved in the research for a considerable amount of time, and he has come up with a book that talks about the changes that continuously took place in the region with numerous regimes colliding with each other to shape the political and commercial evolution of the region. The sea is connected to Europe, Asia, and Africa and gains a unique condition in terms of climate and traditions. The book is about the sea, and how it helped establish and demolish empires, and how the various religions were influenced and became influential in the surrounding regions. The book tells the stories of sailors, pilgrims, merchants and even the pirates who inhabited the sea.

The Great Sea: A Human history of the Mediterranean covers a magnificent amount of time as it goes into the history of the region very deeply with an intention of exploring the very details that make the region have a significant mention in the various cultural traditions. The book discusses the Greek mythology and also the naval battles that were fought by the Romans, and the Jewish migration, and the gradual rise of Islam in the region alongwith the correlated growth of Christianity. The history of Spain from the medieval era and the principle they upheld, and the modern ways of the place that have come to be. Epics are covered as passages in time, this should speak for the greatness of the Mediterranean, as the book displays the beauty of the region in every chapter.

The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean is a book on the wild yet serene history of human activity in the vicinity of the Mediterranean sea, on how human hearts were pounded by the losses of homes and families as Jewish migration took place. The business and commerce were always the primary ordinance of the region, and hence it became home to various power centers of the world and how they all flourished together and even perished to an alternate destiny. The mutual co-existence that plied in the region weaves the crochet of the various religions and their traditions in a way to present the present in its present state. The ostentatious display of information that emanates from the region hides the remnants of the emotions of the people in the region, this book uncovers the antipathy to the blood and the demolished, and tries to cover the spectrum of the human experience with its detailing.

The book celebrates the triumph of the trade in the region along with the loss of countless displaced souls who crumbled only due to their allegiance to their kingdoms. The harmonic construction of the book makes the readers get engaged in the narration of marvelous stories seen through the eyes of time.

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