Author : Dan Ariely ISBN : 0062183591 Publisher : Harper

Now it's time to get your closet clean; there are a lot of things that we have to put up with on our day-to-day lives, and we are not always aware. We move in a space which is directed by impulses, the rational and the irrational. The award-winning author Dan Ariely tries to tell here that we all move in a sphere where there are urges, the urge to fulfill the urges, and the paramount factor of fear. In due natural course one realizes that one lies because of an inherent guilt towards anything that is against the principles of ethics. The ethics define human behavior, it is the most significant directive in a living experience. And no one is free from the push and pull between the authority of right and wrong, and our consciousness moves along the two, till we wish to. The author brings significant scientific matter of evidence to condense his theories about 'dishonesty'. The various wants and desires that we are subjected to deserves a response from the authority of the mind, that which is bent towards the right, and how one tries to tackle the authority with their rationale and this is where reasoning hits the bottom on its way to the top of the problem.

The book reduces the psychological issues to a very open-minded discussion of how and why our actions are subjected to a surveillance. The author tries to tell us how we can be connected to our center through perpetual blinding of fear through the correctness of our faculties. He asks us to get into the root of the problem as he tries to tell us that it is not really a concern of someone else, when you think you are doing wrong, or have done wrong. The sole responsibility of the repercussions are laid out in front of the one who tries to correct his actions, and it is not impossible to reach the other side of lies if one is persistent enough to wait for the beauty to unfold. The brain is a powerful battery that exercises the will of a man, every time the senses move it to action, a constant information resource. The Honest Truth about Dishonesty is a book that tries to uncover many of our psyche-blocks, only if we choose to grow.

There is no need to be afraid, this book will only expose the bad parts, things that deserve to change, and to rise. That is why one picks up such a book to read anyway, as these bunch of people have realized the problem in them, and want to do something about it. In the world that we are living in, all the fingers point outside, and a constant inferential mechanism is turning over the axis of the mind. These waves of solitary recognition of self cleanse our perception always until the next one. In the ever-present continuous presence of mind one can be subjected to loathing or uplifting, as a movement, read thoughts. And after all one wants to be free, and this attitude is inherent, through our biology, that we refuse to be chained and we break it loose eventually. And The Honest Truth about Dishonesty is a book that tells us how to be able to have a synchronous experience of living.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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