Author : Suzanne Collins ISBN : 0545425115 Publisher : Scholastic Inc.

There are some books that subtly portray the different aspects of reality of the society through the medium of fiction and leave a mark on the minds of the people. The Hunger Games is a book that takes you to time where America stands dilapidated state, and in which thrives a nation called Panem. This nation has reached the extreme of the popular culture of the past, and all it houses is all its decay. Panem has a Capitol and twelve districts around it, the two had always been at loggerheads. The wars had been fought and a tacit clause had been formed to reaffirm the surrender of the districts; the districts had to send a boy and a girl each for the annual event of a battle amongst each other till the last breath,in a designed pattern, a competition, a televised program.

This show of death is known as 'The Hunger Games', the game has one simple rule; the only way to survive is to kill the other. The different ways through which the agony of the contestants can be rationalized in the heads of the perpetrators of such a gory event one wonders. Katnis Everdeen a teenager from one of the districts has to face the test of sending her younger sister to the contest. The young girl fails to grasp the bloody reality of her situation as she tries to gauge an understanding that is based on the contemplation on humane feelings. The girl, who lives with her mother and a younger sister who is forced to be at the show has to come to terms with what she can do to prevent the disturbing incident from happening.

The rate at which humanity is compromising its evolution for mediocrity, is for all of us to see. The author in her book speaks of a world that is devoid of any humane feelings and considerations, and,has a fight among children to death as a special annual television event. The demarcation of the lines of insanity and sanity have been foiled to reach out to the trenches of evil and ruin. The impersonal cruelty and malignancy in intentions have continued to corrupt the consciousness of the collective, apparently incidental, in its damaging with precision. The different menial ways that the popular culture is using to expand its horizons has a scary extreme in form of the story in the book.

The Hunger Games takes on varying shapes of the spoils of the human brain and presents a frightening tale on the torn shreds of humanity lying on the blood-red soil of misdoings of the mind. The girl has to evolve her understanding of the horrific truths about the twisted society, and use the system against itself to save her family that extends beyond her blood-relations. The author chooses a setting that can be seen as the shadow of our present society, and creates brilliant maps for learning about the horrendously repressed violence, in our being, and how it has to be transmutated.

Nhut Pham

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