Author : James Gleick ISBN : 1400096235 Publisher : Vintage

The author of Chaos and Genius has come forth with a book on the evolution of information, as the human race continues with its infinite journey. The book traces man's ability to communicate well or the lack of it has shaped the history and is sketching the present. The ability of man to share information with others has helped the trade of various applications of human intelligence and its ability to incorporate all the factors that bind or liberate the actions. The author wants to explore the much used words of the modern world - Communication, Information, and Information Theory to go inside the true meaning of the words. James Gleick elaborates on how exactly information plays the significant role in generating responses from the minds of people, and how it contributes to the building and sustaining of the human consciousness.

The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood also features various thinkers from the different domains and involve them into a discussion to enlighten the readers with positive information and help the readers increase their understanding of the things around them to help them have an outlook that can be had only by probing for information with the help of the mind, and not through receiving what is fed to us by the media alone. This book goes deep inside the true nature of human design, on their needs and how they build their surrounding and how they live with each other to work for each other.

The transformation of the human awareness depends on the content and the weight of the information and how it exactly makes up for what we think and how we channelize our minds. The author takes a deep look inside the past and takes a look on how it all originated, and details the need of communication and how it all started from the sounds, and how it flourished a path for the languages to take shape and how the need for creating alphabets helped the course of linguistics. The author reads the trails of the development of all the concepts of media and how communication through the various channels have been growing constantly and engaging the masses into it and drawing itself at the peak of human needs. The age of information that today's world is known by is a graphical representation of the growing technology where people have means to go overboard with communication through web media intertwined with the progress in telecommunication industry.

The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood is a book that takes the readers through time to the causal significance of humans as sentient beings with our ability to perceive through our senses, it is for the transmitting and receiving of information between themselves and to come to terms with their mutli-utility nature of the mind and its applications in the universal sphere of consciousness where trading between the sub-levels happen at a rate that can cross the region of senses very easily.

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