Author : John Grisham ISBN : 0385535139 Publisher : Doubleday

Here comes John Grisham with yet another fiction based on law firms and their obvious connections with chaos, lies, and money. He calls it The Litigators. The story revolves around the legal scene of Chicago, where two partners run a small law firm called Finley & Figg. Together, they deal with unnoteworthy cases such as DUIs, fast divorces, and car crashes occasionally, making mediocre profits, until they stumble upon a “jackpot of a case” and find their feet drenched in their own drool.

The partners keep dealing with ordinary cases, restricting their anticipation and expectations to the minimum for about twenty years, until the day comes when they meet a young lawyer named David Zinc, who had given up on a renowned law firm and gone off-track due to alcohol abuse. As he sobers down, he realizes that he can't afford being unemployed anymore and starts his quest for a job, which eventually ends at Finley & Figg.

Soon, the partners along with their new associate come across a slightly twisted case involving huge sum of money, but requires only little practice and preparation. They lick their lips multiple times at the scent of paper-green; a leading cholesterol-reducing drug that is manufactured by a multi-billion dollar pharmaceuticals company has been accused of causing heart attacks to its consumers. The story then takes shape of a movie script as the plot seems too good to be true.

Why does John have to release two books in a year? A little extra time spent on innovation and introspection might actually give rise to a good piece of art. And certainly, this isn't one. The Litigators may seem like merely a bunch of papers containing random words put together and bound to deliver a below-average reading experience. Unfortunately, at times you may think that literature takes form of something that is equivalent to debris, but yeah leaves you with a smile or two, with is wit at times.

John Grisham can do with an advice of catering to art, and not common selling points, choosing to serve art over the wants of independent minds that come seeking temporary remedies for boredom. The outcome of being restricted to commonplace imaginations is ordinary; repeated implementation of similar ideas breeds monotony and the book fails to explore a new space, to enter a new dimension.

The plot, the way it's been narrated, is bound to deliver an entertaining experience to all Grisham fans. Certain parts of the story will successfully induce laughter amongst the readers. However, there's nothing new here. The story represents the same old apathetic behaviour of lawyers within a disintegrating society, in general. It only brings into light the monetary aspects of law, and the greed-driven community of irresponsible lawyers, who somehow manage to keep their instincts incognito, but very much active and productive to earn them big bucks that do little to help themselves rise above their delusional non-principles. This book might seem like cycling around the circumference of the mind that projects mediocre imaginations; Grisham fans who want to grow, move on with an expectation of a better future.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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