Author : Lev Grossman ISBN : 0452298016 Publisher : Plume

Lev Grossman's The Magician King: A Novel is a filled with the dreamy nuances of a perfect life merging with the world of fantasy. Quentin Coldwater and Julia flee to the land of Fillory, where all the mediocrity of the world ceases to be, and the place overflows with reflections of an utopia, and it is not their imagination but the truth. They have managed to leave behind a world that is charmed by the numbing of living a repressed life. The canopy of happiness that Fillory surrounds the friends with doesn't keep them satisfied. In order to rediscover enthusiasm the friends set sail on a journey that they would regret later. They venture into the wild extremes of Fillory only to get lost and be found at the dreaded location of his parent's house in Massachusetts.

They are now repenting their foolishness for being driven by their urge to look beyond contentment, the symphony of the restless begins ringing in their heads. Now their only hope to reach back to their retreat Fillory, lies on the shoulder of Julia's little skills in magic. Their hope to inure the half learned tricks of Julia to reach back were they came from impels them to go beyond the unthinkable.

The book is a sequel and it has references to the first one, and debarring the inconvenience for the starters, this novel brings a lot of wonderful experiences, with the fantasy that it chases with its protagonists. The life of Quentin is not the same, in his quest to find the ever-lasting happiness he ends up in a place that is the sum of all that is ideal, Fillory. The effect of magic in the world seems to be extraordinary, but in the world of magic there is nothing magical, and Quentin feels his levels of satisfaction drop as he continues to live in an ever so perfect world. The narrative arrangement is aesthetic and crafty, and the assortment of information keeps hitting you incoherently to alienate you from your premonitions and assumptions. The stirring epithets make for a comprehensive interpretation of the texts that Lev Grossman amasses.

The book leads you onto the search of the friends who had it all and threw it all to look for it again. The aspirations and ambitions of their restlessness can be traced to something deeper that will completely destroy their fundamentals is what we expect from the third novel that is due. The Magician King: A Novel is a book that uses fantasy to tell a story that is dear to every heart that craves for a happiness that never subsides, and as it is always directed towards the infinitely receding path of finding the truth which is an affirmation for our innate desire to go beyond what we can see.

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