Author : Jeffrey Eugenides ISBN : 0374203059 Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux

The book is set in the early 1980s, when the country was at the center of depression and everything is in a state of turmoil around. The story is about Madeleine Hanna, who is a an English major and writing a thesis for her senior year on George Elliot and Jane Austen. The student community indulges itself in the writings of Derrida and ambitious rants of prophesying intellectualism. Madeleine is well on her way with her thesis, and is in a course of her life where she bumps on to two men in her lives. The first one is Leonard Bankhead, who is a charmer with the appeal of a recluse, he was a Darwin follower in college,and he also had that appearance of being spaced out and extremely cut off from the rest; Mitchell Grammaticus finds himself deeply involved in religious mysticism, and comes across as strange a lot of times. Mitchell has developed a notion that Madeleine is to marry him as it is the will of the destiny.

Madeleine continues with her life with much vigor and she develops a fascination for Leonard since the first they meet at a talk on semiotics. They have a dynamic and brightly intimate relationship of intellect and otherwise. Mitchell sets off on a journey to find himself within, and he starts traveling the world for the answer on the formless and unconditional aspect of love, God. Madeleine and Leonard work in a biology laboratory and try to take their liking further but, Madeleine finds herself in a state of perplexity as she tries to uncover the mystery behind the sulking and the draining of vitality of Leonard. The Marriage Plot: A Novel is a book that deals with contemporary issues in a historical way as he brings a novel that is true to your inhibitions and apprehension to give yourself completely to a life that is free from the dogmas and the ludicrous antics of the blind-fully religious.

The Marriage Plot: A Novel is a strong work of literature that portrays life through a first person experience where he reduces the gap of reading and contemplating. The difference in this novel with the others is that it takes a while for the readers to come to terms with the magnificent narration, as it takes you to a personal zone of prolonging intuitive essays of Madeleine's life, along with Leonard and Mitchell's story. The book pushes the various buttons of emotional amenability of the readers as it disfigures the false jargons of the world of illusion. The book feature the stories of the students as they move about the final year in college. The time of the depression is shown in much light as to how lives get affected by such events.

The book displays the embracing of the adolescence with adulthood that radiates the light that makes all the differences submerge in the honesty of feelings of love, friendship, in self-realization.

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