Author : Laura Lippman ISBN : 0061706515 Publisher : William Morrow

The adolescent angst to see and live the other side of the warning signs brings a lot of experiences that traps the conscience in the inconsequential, and a secret is born, a secret that symbolizes the inability of a human being to deal with his own shadows. The bull has its way with the incorrigible and it is ugly to those who are shy of repenting, and this brings us to the plot of The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman. It is a tale about five adolescents whose will powers have thrown in the towel to invite all that one can do without yet can't. The friends from Baltimore do everything that they were warned against, and speaks of a society that defines boundaries with the expectancy of failure attuned to their thinking and a progeny that destroys all of it to make way for a new. A rejection that becomes a drive to let life run by a device that crushes the very foundations of moral and ethical fibers that form a seat of the soul.

The friends have done things that they can't talk about, even among themselves. The once best friends who engaged in all the decadence of youth bravely and brutally have reached a stage of life that has set them free of the bonds of friendship but not from the secret that they have shared for decades. The youngest of the friends Gordon, who was the smart kid, who set the mood for experiences, as he learned the tricks of the old with more precision than them. The present has all the friends involved with their respective families but their shadows refusing to let go off them and, instead, forcing them to come clean with their persona that had been bearing a shame, a guilt that makes them shiver strongly still years after the dreaded incident unfolded. This book takes the stories through passages in the past of the friends who are all but ready for the change that they have been eluded by, with choice.

Laura Lippman's book talks about the lies and hurt that our psyches can assume and bring about oneself to obliteration. The book brings the fragile into the picture with an attitude that will rip your inferences apart and lets you breathe pure hostility.

Laura Lippman, with her work named as The Most Dangerous Thing deals with the incongenial tendencies of self which are directed at self, costs the self, and the loss is for no one to feel but the self. The way that imperfections crawl up their way to the temple of young and old alike, to breed snakes and scorpions that only know to bite and hurt, and make us feel hurt are consequentially inconspicuous, as it hides behind the changing faces that keep running in our parallel thought processes. The ability of our shadows to disappear in the light is amorphous, and not easy to comprehend, as the contact brings a huge release of energy that confuses us, sometimes to the extent of making us turn our back and run behind, riding on lies and malice that hide the pure and innocent feeling of regret by the soul on bearing impurities that it can live without for forever in peace.

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