Author : Chris Bohjalian ISBN : 0307394999 Publisher : Crown

The Night Strangers: A Novel is not for the dumb hearted, it is neither for those who get themselves entangled in psychic offshoots, as they risk a serious tremor that this book can deliver. The Lintons have moved to New Hampshire with their two daughters and setting up a home at a place which had been lying unused for a while. The basement of the house had an intriguing door which was bolted by thirty-nine bolts, all of them 6 inches long, and were carriage bolts. Chip and Emily along with their 10 year old twin daughters look forward to settle down after the tragedy that Chip was involved in. Chip, an airline pilot had always been efficient with his skill, but not the last time; he failed to land in an emergency as the seventy seater plane that he was riding had a double engine failure. Chip failed to land the plane on Lake Champlain and it resulted in the death of 39 innocent lives.

What lies behind the bolted door is a mystery that it will leak blood in your imagination as it unfolds in a painstakingly slow manner. The common ambrosial myths get paralyzed as the story deciphers your apprehensions into fears. The weird in ugly, and the leveling of paranoia by anxiety is what The Night Strangers: A Novel presents as it drags you out from your illusion of comfort to a space where the beasts in fears mingle, a pinnacle of adrenaline breached by the palpitation. The retiring amnesty of your inhibitions will shackle you to your crawling instincts of self-defense as they fail, and you will witness your being be thoroughly pulverized. The characters that won't withdraw from your mind even after you have put the book down make for a book that will dreaded, but the Chris Bohjalian thriller crosses that mark as well and imprints a scar of wild impulses in your head with the help of the characters that are already dead.

Horror books that bind you in a confined space as the walls of paranoia close in on you, sinks your heart to a trench that makes you remember the sane in you, The Night Strangers: A Novel is a book that does just the same sets you free from the levity of a book that claims to be a suspense horror as it ceases to be. The parallax in the interpretation of fear vanishes as your senses crumble to the powerful blows delivered by the narration that defeat your rationality. The grueling that the Liptons go through together will swell your emotional response for the dreaded and the feared that awaits them in their trial. The depictions and the plot glorify the derailing of a remnant hope as the circumstances overpower all the odds of a survival. The Night Strangers: A Novel by Chris Bohjalian is a work of art that deals totally with the sheer enigma in the inter-latching of human paranoia with the spectrum of imagination.

Nhut Pham

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