Author : Paula McLain ISBN : 0345521307 Publisher : Ballantine Books

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most celebrated writers, and his books are nothing less than legends in literature. Paula McLain is a huge follower of Ernest's works and his life, and as she was reading the memoirs of Hemingway she was swooned away by the intensity of Ernest's relationship with Hadley Richardson. The story is based on two of the most famous people of their time, especially during the Jazz-age of Paris. The Paris Wife is a book on their marriage and the intricate passages that it had to pass through, fighting the odds against it.

The life of Hadley Richardson had never been the same since she met Ernest Hemingway in Chicago in 1920. She had lost all hope on love only to discover it in her relationship with Hemingway. They had a lively affair that swiftly ended in a marriage, and they left for Paris to be the most glorified couple of their time, a time when Paris was house to one of the most esteemed individuals enthroning the city with their affluence. The couple soon became the cynosure of all eyes as they all mingled together with the who's who of the 'Lost Generation'. As they moved to Paris, their lives got sucked into the glitter of the so-called 'high-life' that restricts itself to all the excesses of the world, the mindless drinking and erratic norms, a life eroding from inside.

Their traditional bearings are torn apart in a society that is constantly pushing themselves over the edge, towards the extreme of all that money can buy, and all that it can take away from an individual. Hemingway inspired by his life wrote a novel during this time, his wife being his muse and source of artistic displacement, however, their lives are tested by their egos, and its nasty recoiling to the sense of displeasure of unfulfilled expectations. The exceptional bond that they share is tested as they find their marriage free-falling into ruin. This book trails along the burning hope and ambitions of Ernest and Hadley, as they fight their inner battles through extremes of mental struggle, and how much the relationship meant to Ernest Hemingway is known by his statement in which he claimed to have rather died before falling in love with Hadley.

The Paris Wife is a book on the different aspects of life of a young Ernest Hemingway who was young and confident with a beaming attitude. The life of the prolific writer had been subjected to a lot of turbulence in his deep involvement with Hadley Richardson. Paula McLain has put forth a book that is heavily ornate with the shadows and cloistered demons of the Hemingway duo. They both had a perfect relationship that was guided by the great bond that they shared. The story takes you deep inside the torn lives of the couple who have been trying to find the missing puzzle that would make their relationship complete, unaware, that it is one of them, who have to be the missing puzzle as and when the need arises.

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