Author : Charles Duhigg ISBN : 1400069289 Publisher : Random House

Charles Duhigg has decided to put an end to your pondering over your unresolved issues, and brings the most important aspect of your personality for discussion, your habits. Habits are those tangible aspects of our personality which have to be directed by pure intention of exploring and experiencing more, of the infinite space, the mind. The common aspects of the most of the problems of the people in lives are related to habits. The book helps you to understand the power of habits on our lives, and the imprint it has on our being, and how it is the decisive tool how fast we let the happening of our making be and expand. The height to which our achievements can look and reach totally depends on the habits that we have created in the past, and to break free from the ones that we can do without will lead to a state of pleasant journey to experience the success in happiness.

The Power of Habit brings various researches and finds in front for everyone to see and absorb, and learn how to be aware of your habitual patterns of the past, the ones which move in an unconscious sphere will have to be realized in conscious awareness, and the author presents various ways to do so, with the help of pure scientific methods that will elevate the developing of your psyche. The physical, and the psychological are the horses bridled by our habits, and to have a sound inner and outer functioning, you have to watch your habits, the book will present you various inspiring experiments of individuals and organizations, who observed the habits and exploited them for maximum benefits. If you want to make your behavior driven by intelligence then this book will guide you along, towards your goal.

The kingly thing in man is his thoughts, and thoughts can provide enlightenment if exercised. The different habits that we make by ourselves for ourselves to follow, are our ladders and snakes as well. To be successful one has to be more aware of his own self as much as the external parameters of success seem to be, but they have to be modulated and regulated for complete overhauling of the past for the present to be easy. The book The Power of Habit tries to present a complete understanding, in technical depths with the help of comprehensive researches, of the co-relation of our habits and the brain. The exploration of the inner functioning of the brain makes for lucid ways to rewire the old patterns, and turn it into new ones. The slit of habits dissipate the light that all of us contain and lead to the phenomenon of consideration of energy in abstract efforts and ways, but nature always shows you the right path and to be in tune with it is what one has to aspire to achieve, with the help of owning up salubrious habits maintained in the book.

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