Author : Julian Barnes ISBN : 0307957128 Publisher : Knopf; First U.S. Edition, First Printing edition

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, is a defect-free piece of art that claimed the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2011. The story speaks about the life of Tony Webster, stretching from his adolescence to his midlife and projecting a circuited road bearing signs of a deformed present and a misplaced past, where Tony himself is a miscast. The book cerements one's encountering with their demigod shadows, imparting evident traces of insight and intuitive sapience that is sure to take its readers for a jaunt through the chaotic burrows that form the outdoors of the deep within.

Tony, along with his sworn friend named Adrian Finn, get deeply involved in navigating through their connection that draws beyond the lines of friendship, exploring together the worldly spaces of humor, affection, and wit until they encounter that what we all are bound to, only to find themselves lost in the deceiving labyrinth. Adrian meets catastrophe, which leaves him colliding against a series of barriers on repeat mode, while Tony and other mates choose to abandon their beloved friend succumbing to the overwhelming ataxia. Tony had never imagined himself being of a source of displeasure to others; however, their friendship meets indifference and Adrian is left alone.

As Webster steps into the intermediate stage of life, having been married, followed by a calm divorce, he is left happy with his daughter, or rather he thinks so. However, his memories take form of distorted reflections that leaves him strained and incompetent. He finds himself drowned in turmoil as the plastic demons come with intensity, singing the hypnotizing song of a bottom to lure him into the tenebrous shallows of guilt. The Sense of an Ending takes you through the deeper hollows of your inner self, getting you acquainted with inner-noises as Tony struggles to tear through the reflection to step out of the claiming tornado.

Julian Barnes presents you his contemplations, his encounter with chaos, as a tangible expression that will get you eye to eye with the shadowy projections of yourself, and show you the way to a paradisaical experience. The Sense of an Ending subjects you to lachrymosity, and its beauty and calmness can be experienced if you be vulnerable enough to soak in the essence of it. The darkness that is portrayed in the novel represent man's struggle to channelize his disquieting past into an awakening present through contemplation and detachment.

Man is bound to rise out of guilt and such menacing memories by the act of repentance and self-forgiveness. Phases of aversion and contradiction during one's conflict with oneself is narrated beautifully, which makes this book a must read for all. Julian, with this astounding piece of art, makes you aware of the the stygian underworld that form the perimeter of the existence. The Sense of an Ending is a tome that is sure to stain your being with the essence of confrontation and empathy as it gets you acquainted with the chaotic static of our memory, the duet that speaks of oneness, tranquility, and home.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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