Author : Fuminori Nakamura ISBN : 1616950218 Publisher : Soho Crime

The Thief is the English version of the Japanese novel Noir, a swift psychological thriller by Fuminori Nakamura that has made many of its readers familiar with the reflections of a distorting humanity. The scene is on the streets of Tokyo. Nishimura, the thief and the leading character of the story, is a highly skilled pickpocket whose stealth rate stands stagnant, as he feeds off the sweat of his fellow co-sharers of the society, with negligible traces of guilt within. Devoid of family and friends, the reclusive environment holds for him only limited faces bearing no names, his victims. He's as disconnected from the society as a joey from its mother's pouch when it takes form of a fully grown kangaroo. But there's still one connection that's clinging onto his soul, his past.

Subjected to the shadowy corners of the environment, he finds himself on the verge of breakdown, every other extended moment. He recalls his childhood dreams, which were subjected to recurring visuals of a mysterious tower, the scene becoming intense with the progression of the story. Pictures of his former partner and mentor, Ishikawa, whose perception that thievery and artistry are deeply interlinked had taken form of a strong passion for the renowned act of immaturity that has been fueling instability and irresolution, to which he has chosen to stay blind. Ishikawa, whom the thief haven't seen since they got webbed into a crime, and a pretty serious one.

Nishimura finds himself to have conveniently adapted to the mirrors of life, breathing in space, until he encounters Ishikawa again. And this time, he is proposing the thief to join the mastermind, not proposing, in fact demanding. He lays out a simple plan to steal three things, involving one simple strategy, one serious crime, consequences of which is likely to result in catastrophe. Nishimura can't refuse, and his mentor stands face front claiming to end it all if the thief refuses to take the job. And what we have left is the ultimate test for the thief.

The phenomenon of deception is deeply rooted unto the fertile soils of humanity. Rage against an apathetic behavior by the inhabitants of an endangered society has taken form of several faces, several personae, however of the same body, most amongst the congregation being the result of heavy distortion. Rejecting the happening and choosing to become a recluse, a state where empathy seems to be absent, is a characteristic feature of today's humanity. The Thief takes you through the garden of dead grass bearing that tenebrific nectar that is responsible for the moth infestation – a not so pleasant scene.

The characters represent these moths that have contributed as well as became a victim of this plague that's hit the human race, a hyena syndrome. The narration halts time for as long as it desires. This book is one engrossing piece of literature. Fuminori's imagination speaks the psychological tremors, and the life of the associated menagerie on a turbulent background where the reflections have temporarily fallen apart only to take form of a multitude of claiming mazes.

Nhut Pham

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