Author : Eleanor Brown ISBN : 0425244148 Publisher : Berkley Trade

The Weird Sisters is a book about three sisters who grew up in a family that has everything uncommon with the common. Their father is a professor of Shakespeare and doesn't ever skip a moment where he could deliver his Shakespeare verse. The Andreas family do not believe in watching TV and hold a view that there is a book that will have the solution for every problem. The life of the sisters is brought backed together as they come together for a reunion and have their fields of perception entranced by the singularity in the chaos that arises when they all are around. The sisters have returned to their old home to bring the memories come alive with everyone around. The sisters have a huge amount of love and respect for each other, but they somehow fail to bask in each other's presence.

They lack of a fulfilling experience of communication brings the sisters down, and as they fail to rectify it they have problems dealing with their parents and their lovers and more importantly with each other. The sisters have grown into unique personalities, with contradicting personalities. The elder sister is extremely homebound whereas the youngest is living an outrageous life, and with the middle child tuned to living an extremely fast paced life that can almost be termed reckless. The girls have faced a lot of difficulties dealing with the weaknesses of their parents' and also in talking to each of their lovers as they go about living with the unresolved issues between themselves. Eleanor Brown brings a novel that talks about love, life and meaningless gaps in communication.

The true name of the various emotions that speak the language of silence is known as love. And the various fears and inhibitions that keep loved ones away from each other, and the tumult and disorder that brings when family members get estranged is tremendously unpleasant. The house of the Andreas is full of chaotic extensions of every member of the family with their bed-ridden mom battling cancer and a father who is always almost lost in the verses of Shakespeare. The calling of the various incidences that relate to the monochromatic sorrow that the lack of a proper communication brings, and the tremendous impact of a love restrained from its expression. The Weird Sisters is a book that will bring you the drama of a sisters who are deeply involved with each other but still lack the trust to openly embrace each other.

The doomed silence of cold can bring many to their knees and make them forsake their love for indecisions and reluctance in awkwardness of an opening heart, and instead misunderstand the feelings of hope for negligence and repugnance. The book has an interesting tale that borders on the agility of human emotions and balances the all encompassing love and compassion that is etched in everyone's heart.

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