Author : James Andrew Miller ISBN : 031604301X Publisher : Back Bay Books

ESPN was born in 1979, with the implementation of a random idea of a television channel dedicated to telecasting local sporting events across the state of Connecticut. During its nascent stage, nobody expected that it would take form of a hugely successful sports network that spans eight channels across US as well as worldwide, as of today. Those Guys Have All the Fun takes its readers behind the scenes of ESPN, which reveals many untold stories in the life of ESPN as a product. It talks about the behind the scenes money matters and authoritative affairs that played a crucial part in forming the foundation of today's ESPN.

Bestselling authors James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales, whose works include Running in Place:Inside the Senate and On the Air! respectively, come together this time to compile the data acquired from over 500 interviews with many great names from the history of ESPN, which sheds light over the many scandals, battles, and rivalries that have played a major role in the sporting network's triumph over turbulence. Consisting over 700 pages that claim to unravel the unspoken affairs pertaining to the faces and figures of ESPN, the book is bound to become an attraction for sports geeks.

Although many reviewers suggest reading this book, readers are more likely to be left disappointed as the story is told only from the point of view of those who lived the occasions; the narration doesn't seem to live up to the authors' prominence. A major portion of the book revolves around the role of those making the decisions behind the scenes, which is likely to cause the reader to feel a little disconnected, as the people mentioned there are almost strangers to the sports fanatics. There are several information in the book that may have been avoided, such as the promotion of some Tom Skipper to the head of ESPN and the resulting cold outrage that was characterized by the co-workers' presumption that he engaged in constant licking of boots in order to acquire the position. Similarly, the readers are sure to come across some malignant rivalry that has little relevance to the subject of the book.

However, there are valuable information that hold utmost relevance to ESPN's success, including interviews with the most popular SportsCenter anchors. If you have somehow developed a liking towards Chris Berman, prepare to witness the attachment fade away, as his quotes throughout the book considerably disappoint you. Here's a suggestion for all those who are about to read this book - do not expect to come across any dirty secrets of the popular faces of the sports network, for you wish is sure to be left unfulfilled. The information provided in this book can be of great use to sports networking insiders, but for sports fans Those Guys Have All the Fun is far from being an efficient source of useful/relevant sporting information.

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