Also known as a hover board, a two wheel electric scooter is a gadget that utilizes gyroscopes to detect the movements of the user to move in a given direction. One has only to lean towards the direction they intend to go and the electric device takes you there. This exemplary gadget is a toy that has become very popular especially among celebrities and also some common people. Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Brown just to name but a few. Imagine yourself without holding anything just the gadget on your feet and being able to move at a speed of approximately 8- 20km/h, Isn’t this just fun and incredible? However one needs to practice for sometime before they become a professional.

two wheel electric scooter

Features of a two wheel electric scooter

When opting to buy a given model of a two wheel electric scooter, you must ensure that the gadget has some if not all of the following features:

1. Wheels

The wheels of a two wheel electric scooter need to be smooth, durable and be able to perfect roll on the ground. This enables one to move smoothly without much difficulty.

2. Durability

The gadget should have a stable and also durable frame which will be able to carry your weight. This is because one needs to step on the gadget therefore it needs to be strong enough to support the whole body weight.

3. Self-balancing mechanism

This feature in a two wheel electric scooter enables one to be able to balance well on the gadget once he/she has gotten on it. It helps in ensuring that the user of the scooter is safe and also well balanced on the machine.

4. Battery

The battery of the scooter which is inbuilt should be powerful so that it can sustain a very long distance without running out. The battery should be rechargeable and also have a long life.

5. Battery life indicator

This feature is very handy because it enables you to know if you need to recharge the battery before you get on the gadget. This will save you the trouble of getting stuck on the road due to low battery.

6. Speed indicator

This feature enables you to determine how many kilometers per hour your gadget can go. The higher the speed indicated the better. However, the gadgets which have higher speeds can be quite expensive.

7. Weight limit

Different types and models can support different weights. This enables one to purchase the two wheel electric scooter which can support their weight so as to avoid any possible breakage of the gadget.

8. LED lights

This feature on an electric scooter enables one to see their pathways even if it is at night and also indicates the input of whoever is using the gadget.


Benefits of a two wheel electric scooter

A two wheel electric scooter has a number of great benefits to the user and these benefits include:

  1. Since the two wheel electric scooters run on rechargeable batteries, it is quite cheap and very convenient. One only needs to ensure that the batteries are fully charged to get to enjoy an amazing fully dependable ride.
  2. These gadgets are very easy to navigate. All you need to do is to lean forward when you want to accelerate it and lean back when you want to stop it. A right or left turn only requires turning the handle bar backward or forward.
  3. The gadgets have a light framework which makes them very portable; this means you can go with them anywhere you wish to without feeling that they are heavy.
  4. The maintenance of these gadgets is very easy. All you need to do is to periodically check on the batteries and you are good to go.
  5. Since they don’t give out any emissions electric scooters are environmentally friendly as opposed to vehicles.
  6. Electric scooters are also very flexible as they can be used both in the rural and urban settings.


A two wheel electric scooter is suitable for covering short distances especially in areas where traffic is a great problem. They are also suitable in saving money since one does not have to buy fuel so as they can use it. It is also suitable in protecting the environment as it does not produce any fumes. Examples of this gadget on Amazon include: Roam two wheel electric scooter, Swagtron Electric Self- balancing Scooter. There are many more depending on your choice and preference. Go ahead and get one for yourself.

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