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Warren Buffett's Management Secrets is a management marvel that projects various management principles and unsophisticated philosophies of life that Warren Buffett, the pioneer of investment banking and one of the most successful investors on the planet, holds very dear to him. This book is a combined effort of Mr. Buffett's daughter Mary Buffett and David Clark, who happens to have incorporated Mr. Buffett's professional philosophies to an extent of gaining expertise. The contents of the book is quite plainspoken, revealing the so-called "secrets" of management, which in fact are not enigmatic in any sense, but are merely simple principles that help you to see beyond the commonly discussed aspects of professionalism.

The authors together speak of Warren Buffett's life experiences and the lessons that he encountered, which in fact helped him develop his own high-spirited belief system. Mary and David reveal the ideology behind Warren's decision making and investment strategies. The book puts forth many facts and principles that determine one's success in terms of career as well as personal growth; love your work it says, otherwise you are bound to be suspended between the solid walls of indecision, which tend to move closer with every effect of denial that you bring upon yourself. The book also deals with various skills and abilities pertaining to the management of a profession, irrespective of its nature.

Possessing the right attitude towards your profession is what this book stresses on, for that is the key to self-motivation and self-contentment. The prime focus is on one's life in general, the quality of which is closely linked to the optimization of his/her career. While the authors drift through the science of business management and investment banking, they efficiently lay out excellent pointers, which if adhered to will undoubtedly ensure successful acquisition of wealth and prominence within the profession.

Warren Buffett, a brilliant investor who is renowned for his highly efficient managerial skills and tactics, believes that an employee in general must see the organization as something that is his; if you become fertile enough to soak in this piece of knowledge, you are bound to find satisfaction and productivity in your profession. Such philosophies and beliefs of the investment guru are seamlessly laid out for the readers to assimilate and take in. This book is an epitome for aspiring finance professionals and inexperienced investors will be ever grateful to the authors for uncovering the mystery behind Warren's success in investment.

Although Warren Buffett's Management Secrets comprises of essential information for personal and professional development, it does not intend to make you follow the strategy that Warren Buffett implemented, but in fact it helps you distinguish between instincts and intuition. Bending to the vision of an organization or an authority requires you to be acceptive to changes, may it be related to your personal or professional life. This book clearly illustrates how life and profession go hand in hand, and what Warren has done to thicken the bond that brings together life, business, and contentment. This book is not only meant for businesspersons and investors, but also a good read for aspiring professionals in the sector of management.

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