Author : David Baldacci ISBN : 0446573019 Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

David Baldacci, one of the most prominent fiction/thriller authors worldwide and the cofounder of the non-profit organization Wish You Well Foundation, which supports literacy and literacy education nationwide, presents Zero Day, another bestseller that has served its purpose just too well to speak much about. The story revolves around a tortuous murder investigation which, in due time, turns out to be a potentially perturbing case involving myriad unsettled criminal minds that are well beyond the investigator's fields of suspicion.

John Puller, a special combat agent from the Criminal Investigation Division of the US Army, whose father is a legendary army demigod and has a brother who crossed a serious line and found himself serving a life sentence for treason, has proven himself as an expert and the best amongst his team. He is being called to a remote area in the coal province of West Virginia, where he is bestowed with the responsibility of investigating a lurid crime scene involving the slaughter of an entire family. The local detective agency sends in assistance in the form of a homicide detective, a hard-shell of a woman whose sinews represent her demons tamed to serve the law.

As they set to decode the catch-22 of a case, an unsuspecting Puller encounters the shady forces of the town, which makes him realize that he's up for a task that's more than just life-threatening. Witness the mystery unravel as he crawls through the bloodstained carpet with all eyes on him.

Baldacci does it again; he gives thriller a new dimension. With a brain-clutching mystery for a story, complimented by an array of cult-inspiring characters, Zero Day is a rollercoaster ride within the Pandora's Box. The book provides efficiently what the readers come looking for – action, entertainment, excitement. Experience movie in a book; a movie, not Hollywood. No, certainly not Hollywood; why not? Because Hollywood is way too inferior to whatever it's supposed to be; it's childish, flimsy, mundane; not the whole, but yes, most part of it is in fact a derivative of shibboleth. Any counter-opinions? The debate is the recycle bin.

David is an artist, he doesn't write bedtime stories like those projected in Hollywood. No, he writes mature stuff. Here, he puts forth the chromatic variations found in the currently disintegrating state of the society. Is justice an outcast or is humanity? Nothing is an outcast; it's only a collective off-course, and heroes who work towards redirecting it to the right track aren’t really born heroes; they're one amongst us, one amongst the responsible us. Zero Day does not glorify the capabilities of a soldier or the tactics of the army personnel; in fact it outlines the determination of a man amidst this chaotic course of the society to confront betrayal, falsehood, and above all - sins of the underworld. While the book acts as a stunning source of pastime for many worldwide, a mal-discovered essence within the story emanates the scent of discipline, judgment, patriotism, and defence.

Nhut Pham

Nhut Pham

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